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Rev. Dr. Maria Goldstein

Rev. Dr. Maria Goldstein is the founder, minister, host and producer of Voices in the Wilderness TV Ministry. She is an author, speaker, Bible teacher, and a Board Member for EMF. She is the former New Mexico and Mid-Western Regional Director for the United States National Prayer Council, a former adviser for LC local chapter of Aglow International. She served as Section Pastor at Willow Creek Community Church. 

Maria is a graduate of Trinity International University and Friends International Christian University. She is bilingual and multicultural which has helped her in understanding how to relate to people of all backgrounds. She loves people, loves to travel and loves to minister to people of all nations, cultures, and denominations. Her mandate is to promote the Kingdom of God and Unity in the Body of Christ. 

As a follower of Christ, she takes the great commission very seriously. Jesus said to go and preach the Good News to every nation of the world. This is the goal of Voices in the Wilderness TV Ministry. 

She has been married to her husband Mark for over 40 years. They have two children and two grandsons.  Click here to visit Maria's FB Page.

 When Maria was called to her TV ministry, she asked God if she would be a good TV host. She randomly opened her Bible and was given this scripture: The Lord gives the word [of power]; the women who bear and publish [the news] are a great host. Psalm 68:11  

God has a way of answering everything you ask Him. 

About the Picture:  Maria with Junior deSouza, Junior deSouza Ministries. Maria has filled in as Guest Host for United With Christ,  KSCE  El Paso. 

Meet Our Amazing Crew

The Chicago Crew


The Chicago Crew: Frank Matranga, Mitzi Soskich, Ed Buckley, Maria Goldstein, Mike Heuel, Mike Yndestad. (Rey Gonzalez is missing. He was not able to be with us that night.)  They are an amazing crew. I am so thankful for them. May God Richly bless each one of them. 

The Las Cruces, NM Crew


The Las Cruces, NM Crew: Angel Soular, Dawn Soular, Chris Soular and Maria Goldstein. My other amazing crew.  

Chris and Dawn Soular are the owners of Las Cruces studio. The Las Cruces Channel (LCC98), Comcast Cable Television 98, serves the people for The City of Las Cruces, New Mexico. They are dedicated to making it quick and easy to broadcast to both cable television and Internet TV audiences.  To learn more about LC channel go to  http://www.lcc98.com/ 

The Las Cruces, NM Crew


Las Cruces, NM Crew

Maria  and Monica Soular wearing Love Revolution hats. Monica is part of the Soular family and fills in as a crew member on occasions. She is an outstanding floor director and camera person. 

We are committed to bring, Truth


Frank Matranga, Rev. Maria and Mitzi Soskich. Frank is one of our Camera and Tech operators. Frank  is also a business man and Producer, BDM,  of Morning Time Productions


Mitzy is our floor director and camera tech. She  also has her own TV art program. 

Joy, Excellence, Insight, Revelation,


Ed Buckley is our Chicago Director. Ed is also a  business owner and general contractor. For more information go to All Quality Inc. at:  http://allqualityinc.com/ 

The Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Maria and Mike Yndestad. Mike is the Chicago Assoc. Producer for Voices in the Wilderness and President of Yndy Productions, a media production company. For more information about Mike and Yndy Production go to: yndyproductions.com 

Maria's Books

Eight Keys To The Kingdom Learn How They Work


Life changing, revolutionary, eye-opening, and biblically sound. I encourage everyone to get this book and don't put it down until you have read it through and through, so that the revelation contained in this book will have its life changing effect with you like it had with me."-Dr. Ted Rose, Chairman of the United States National Prayer Council ​ 

Eight Keys To the Kingdom Learn How They Work, is the definitive book on understanding the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven and how to connect them from your spirit, soul, and body into the Glory Realm which is the manifest presence of God. The sons and daughters of The Most High God are not meant to live with the same struggles, dysfunctions, sickness, limitations and brokenness as the children of darkness.   

Eight Keys To the Kingdom Trailer


Watch this exciting trailer 

For far too long, many of God's people have settled for the mundane. They have not taken their place as the heirs and partakers of God's divine nature. This must break the heart of God since He tells us that it's His good pleasure to give us the Kingdom. Many have not been taught the keys that will unlock the gates into the supernatural fullness of who they are in Christ. Unfortunately, people have perished for lack of God's wisdom. Believers must understand what Jesus meant when he said, "I'm in the Father, my Father is in me, I'm in you and you're in me.""  

In Matthew 4:17 Jesus said, "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." These ancient keys are for such a time as this. Learn them and they will unlock the revelation of the Kingdom of Heaven within. It's time to live your life on earth as it is designed for you in heaven. 

The Mystery of the Hebrew Letters Jesus Revealed


Did you know that Jesus is in every letter of the Hebrew Letters? Learn the secret and mystery

of the letters.

You can watch the trailer to this book here .

Book Store coming soon!

At a book signing at Barnes and Noble Book Store in Las Cruces,


Eight Keys to The KIngdom;

 Learn How They Work. This book will give you the tools to transform your spiritual life.  Click on the picture to hear Maria being interviewed on this book. 

Speaking on, The Mysteries of the Hebrew Letters; Jesus Revealed.


Did you know that every letter in the Hebrew Alphabet points to Jesus? The mystery was once concealed. Now it is revealed in this book. 

Mighty Call to Pray Conference


 Women's conference in Alamogordo, NM. Message on Love and the Kingdom of God. 

Other areas of Ministry

Our Weekly Torah Bible Class


  You are invited to Voices in the Wilderness Torah/Bible Study. Learn how to study the Bible from a Hebraic thought and perspective.

  • Find the hidden mysteries in God’s word.
  • Discover your covenant relationship with God.
  • Grow in knowledge and truth.
  • Fellowship with people who are serious about maturing in Jesus/Yeshua.

Time: Every Saturday at 10:30 am
  Location: Dream Center of Las Cruces
  Address: 1400 Sixth St. Las Cruces, NM

For More   Information call: Pastor Maria at

 (708) 436-3755         

Need Prayer?


We are happy to pray for you. Send us your prayer request via email to maria@voicesinthewildernesstv.com  

or send us a note to:

Voices in the Wilderness

P.O. Box 2937

Mesilla Park, NM 88047 

Prayer is communication with God. It is vital in the life of every believer.   



Marriage is the most sacred union in ones life. Are you looking for a caring minister to perform your wedding? Contact Rev. Dr. Maria Goldstein at mariagoldstein7@gmail.com  

Affiliate Ministry: EMF Ministry


We are a fellowship of Pastors and Ministry Leaders in Las Cruces who gather together to pray for one another and our city. 

Our mission : We purpose to build unity in the Church of Las Cruces by developing close relationships, praying as one, and being on mission together to reach our city with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

For more information about EMF go to our FB page. 


Pastor Maria Goldstein, Board Member


Affiliate Ministry: HMI Ministry 2019

History Makers International exists to raise up history makers for the Kingdom of God. We believe ev

A Picture of the HMI Team/Family.

Voices in the Wilderness is proud to be affiliated with this ministry. Adam and Becky Sebastian are the directors of History Makers International currently working out of Juarez, Mexico. 

History Makers International exists to raise up history makers for the Kingdom of God.

Their focus is to help end poverty and destructive generational cycles, family by family. They strive to see families remain intact. For more information about HMI, visit historymakers.org or contact them at raiseup@historymakers.org or +1 (855) 300-3060.  

Affiliate: Ahavet Ammi/Yeshiva Shuvu


 Ahavat Ammi Ministries or “For the Love of my People” is founded on the 13 attributes of love and mercy towards G-D’s chosen people. This love is focused around the most loving act towards the Jewish community by sharing with them the message of hope, mercy and the message of life in Yeshua of Nazareth. 

For More information go to: