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To watch the interviews, click  on the YouTube button. Like John the Baptist, our guests are the Voices in the Wilderness preparing the way for the Lord.  Find the programs on our YouTube channel by scrolling down to find the name of the guests.  Find pictures of more guests prior to 2009 at the bottom of this page. 

John the Baptist was a voice crying in in the wilderness, preparing the way for the Lord. Is 40:3


Our guests are the voices/messengers  to this generation, preparing the way for our Lord.  Picture By Evangelist Elaine Swiers.

Many of the books written by our guests can be found on Amazon. Click the amazon button below.


You can find books written by me or my guests on Amazon. Click on the Amazon button below. Find the author's name or book title. These fantastic and inspirational books make great gifts. 

Check our TV SCHEDULE for times. Maria with Dr. Bonnie Etta.


Our guests are among the most anointed messengers of God for this generation. Dr. Etta shares a powerful message on how to live a Kingdom life and knowing  your identity in Christ.  

Maria with Thomas Perez


 Coming soon! Your Body is the Temple of God. Watch my interview with Thomas Perez. He gives his powerful message of victory over an eating disorder. Thomas is a successful restaurant manager, and expert in health, nutrition and an award winning body builder. PD 1/3/2020   

Voices In the Wilderness Supports Life.


At a pro-life rally with Mark Cavaliere, Director of Coalition for Life of Las Cruces. Find my interview with Mark on my YouTube Channel. 

You can find books written by me or my guests on Amazon.

The Messengers

Pastor Celby Hadley coming soon


An amazing performance by Pastor Celby Hadly. Celby is an on fire anointed Worship leader, song writer, minister of the Word of God. Stay tuned. PD 10/24/2019

Dr. Lisa Kohut Watch this month on WJYS 62.1


Dr. Lisa Kohut and I share a powerful message on The Jesus Love Revolution. Don't miss this life changing message on Friday 12/6 WJYS 62.1 Chicago Christian station. PD 10/24/2019


Maria, Celby and Lisa sporting our Love Revolution hats.  I love my brothers and sisters in Christ. How good and pleasant it is to be together in unity and harmony.  

Dr. Bree Keyton


Learn how to release the Glory. Bree is a anointed woman of God that walks in the supernatural. Her interview is being broadcast in Las Cruces, NM this month.        PD 6/21/19

Apostle Manny Lardizabal Now playing on our YouTube channel


Are you living a kingdom lifestyle? Watch my interview with Apostle Manny. His powerful message will point the way to understanding your true identity in the Kingdom. PD. 5/25/19

Apostle Marvin Hazel Now playing on my YouTube channel


You will be blessed by Apostle Marvin Hazel's message on the Supernatural. He gives and important message on Identity in Christ and the supernatural. PD 5/21/19

The Messengers

Nufie Hernandez and Bill Stickles PD 2/21/18


Prison Ministry

Bruce Carlson PD 2/21/18


Signs and Wonders in the Prison

Rabbi George Quinn PD 12/21/18


A Right Understanding of Law and Grace 

Pt. 1 & 2

Chuck Wendler PD 12/21/18


A Call to Watch and Pray

Jim Wies PD 9/28/18


School of the Supernatural Pt. 1 & 2

Valerie Jackson PD 7/13/18


Blessing   the Land pt 1 & 2   

The Messengers

Bree Keyton Pt. 1 &2 PD 6/22/2018


Pulling down Spiritual Strongholds & Releasing the Glory PD 6/21/19

Dave McDaniel Pt. 1 PD 5/11/2018


Men of Issachar Pt. 1

Dave & Nancy McDaniel PD pt 2


Men of Issachar Pt 2

Teresa Comparin Pt1 PD 4/13/2018


Deep calls to deep Pt. 1 

Teresa Comparin & Edie Bayer Pt 2


Deep calls to deep pt 2

Major Elliot Chodoff & Randy Neal Pt 1 &2 PD 1/31/2018


City of God, Christian United For Israel CUFI,  

The Messengers

Jr. deSouza Pt. 1&2 PD 2 12/15/2017


A call to spiritual maturity. Watch more of my interviews with Junior, Setting the Captives free PD 6/10/15. The Desert PD 4/29/10 . Also featured with Maria Goldstein, guest host for United with Christ TV,  Partakers of His Divine Nature, PD 10/6/2017

Rev. Dr. Maria Goldstein Eight Keys WJYS PD 7/11/2017


Eight Keys to the Kingdom Learn How They Work. 

Darren Canning Pt. 1 & 2 PD 8/4/2017


    The Science of Prophetic Ministry  

John Pickett PD PD 7/11/2017


Uniting the Churches.

Rabbi Deborah Brandt Pt. 1 & 2 PD 6/22/2017


Restoring All things In Yeshua

Valerie Coltman Essential Skills of Christian Living PD 6/22/2017


Essential Skills of Christian Living.

The Messengers

Mike Tellez Part 1 & 2 PD 5/10/2017


A Dream Center in the Desert

Donna Drake The Power of Prayer Pt 1 & 2 PD 4/12/2017


The Power of Prayer

Joan Hunter You Can Prophecy Pt 1&2 PD 2 2/9/2017


You Can Prophecy . Check out more of my interviews with Joan. Supernatural Provision PD  7/18/13. Healing the Heart PD 10/31/08

Dr. Lisa Kohut pt 1 & 2, PD 11/18/2016


Healing is in the Connection

Pastor James and Sandra Nunes PD 10/26/2016


Preparing for Revival

Pastor Judy Russel Pt 1 & 2 PD 8/12/16


Life Gate part 1  With Pastor Judy Russel. Part 2 with Pastor Judy,  Blanca Leyva  & 

Griselda Lemus

The Messengers

Mark Cavaliere PD 5/25/2016


Culture of Life

Deborah Taylor, PD 5/25/2016


Turning Point

Edie and Darryl Bayer, Pt. 1 & 2 PD 3/10/2016


Kingdom Promoters

For Greater Glory Pt 1 & 2 Ruben Qudezada PD 2/26/2016


For Greater Glory 

Meyer Stahl PD 12/11/2015


What is Truth?

Bob Jeska PD 12/11/2015


Former Director of the Las Cruces Gospel Rescus Mission. 

The Messengers

Ron Smith PD 7/16/2015


His Cloud of Glory 

Sharmilla Wijeyakkumar PD 7/16/2015


Rahab's Daughters

Kaitrin Valencia PD 7/16/2015


The Rose of Sharon

Bruce Van Netta & Bruce Carlson PD 5/18/2018


All Things Work Together Part 1 & 2

Dr. Ben-Joseph PD 3/26/2015


Your Body is the Temple of God Part 1 & 2

Fred & Laurel Hofeldt PD 1/21/2015


In Memory of Laurel Hofeldt. 

Restoring our Christian Foundation 

Part 1 & 2

The Messengers

Theresa Phillips, Lisa Kohut, Marie Chapian PD 9/18/2014


What Women Want . 

Watch other programs with Theresa Phillips, Marie Chapian and Lisa Kohut. 

Adam Sebastian PD Sep-2014


Pure Religion Part 1 & 2

Adam was also featured with Maria Goldstein,  Guest Host for United for Christ, A CAll to Consecrate the Family PD 10/27/2017 

David Dellit PD 6/19/2014


The Valentine Prophecy Part 1 & 2

Fr. Dimitri Sala PD 2/20/2014


The Stained Glass Curtain Part 1 & 2

 Also  A Vision of   Unity  PD 2/9/2006    

Rev. Dr. Maria Goldstein, Fr. Tom Smith, Rev. Jared Carson, Rev. Dr. Douglas Coyle,


Maria Goldstien, Guest Host for United for Christ, El Paso, TX The Reformation 1 & 2 PD 10/13/17

Jeff Mays PD 11/21/2013


The Plight of Mankind 

The Messengers

Ben Peters PD 10/10/2013


God's Favorite Number

Pastor Dawnita Shockle PD 5/28/2013


Shelter in the Storm

Also,  The Called PD  5/17/2012    

Father Enriques Lopez PD 5/28/2013


God's Inner Healing

Nichole Marbach PD 4/4/2013


Love from the Throne

Angela Greening PD 4/4/2013


Armed and Dangerous 

Vassula Ryden PD 3/26/2013


True Life In God Part 1 & 2

More Guests. Find them on YouTube. See Pics Below

More of our 2013 Programs.

    Ken/Pat Kucera, Understanding God's Ways 

PD 11/21/2013

      Sally Edwards, Comedy Mom  PD



More of our 2012 Programs

      Darren Wilson, Father of Lights Pt. 1 & 2 PD  10/11/2012   

      Billie Deck, Receive your Miracle   PD 8/8/2012 

  Marina Mclean, Courting the Supernatural   

      PD 8/8/2012  

 Pastor Theresa Forkins,  Monarchy of heaven 

Pt. 1 & 2 PD 5/31/2012          

More of our 2012 Programs

Maria Goldstein, Marie Chapian, Theresa Phillips, Table talk with Maria PD 4/25/2012   

       Marie Chapian, The Heavenly Realm  

PD 4/25/2012     

Pastor Scott Wallis, Secret Corruption  PD 3/22/2012  

       Lisa Hartell,  The Mom's Ministry PD 12/15/2012  

      Gwen Shaw, Your Appont w/God  PD 10/26/2012        

More of our 2011 Programs

     Mary Ann Devito. and Helen Cousinaeu . 

End time Hand   Maiden  PD 7/27/2011  

       Pastor Syam Babu , Grace in time of need PD 7/27/2011   

       Colonel John Somerville, Pray For the  Peace  of Jerusalem (CUFI)  PD 5/22/2011      

     Theresa  Phillips/Lisa Kohut,  A Higher View  

PD 4/21/2011   

  Joan Shankland, The Power of   God  PD 4/21/2011    

More of our 2010 Programs

Thresa Phillips, Robert Phillips, Mel Tari, Natasja Yonce, Johann Schonken, Shawn Bolz, Richard Hanson, Realms of Grace Pt 1 & 2, PD 11/13/2010

    Jim Richards,  Heart Physics  PD 11/4/2010 

Dave Duell, How to flow in the Supernatural 

PD 11/4/2010  

       Eric Wallace, Integrity of Faith PD  7/29/2010  

 Marie Chapian, Living in the Supernatural with  

PD 5/27/10,          

More of our 2009 Programs

       Nancy Magiera, The Hub  PD 12/3/2009   

       Steve Robledo, The Fires of Hell PD 12/3/2009

Damon Stuart, Praise & Worship  PD 10/29/2009 

     Michael & Pushpa, Guns to Gospel PD 9/10/2009 

     Susan Busse, Tom Hesselink, JohnPeters,   Malaria Initiative PD 9/10/2009   

 Theresa, Phillips,  Kaye Beyer, Matt Sorger, Richard Hanson, The Realm of   Glory   

PD 7/25/2009

       Pastor Syam Babu, Spirit Soul  & Body  

PD  7/16/2009    

       Steve Robledo, An Encounter with Jesus

 PD 5/28/2009   

John Rodriguez, Victory in Christ  PD 5/28/2009

 Tim Roames, The Good News Pastor PD 3/15/2009  

      Lisa Bourland, The Fathers   House  3/5/2009                   

More of our Guests. See Some Pics Below

More of our 2009 Programs

       Pastor Syam Babu, Desperate for God 

PD 7/31/2008   

 Theresa Phillips &  Billie Deck, Holy Encounter 

PD 7/12/08   

      Rev. Apostle Dada ,  A Parade for Jesus PD 6/19/2008     

       Nancy Chandy, Walking in Authority 

PD 6/19/2008   

       Justice Carmon, Open Arms  PD 5/22/2008   

      Lois Koss, Tree of Life PD  5/22/2008  

       Brent Rickter & Tony Saavedra,  Setting The   Captives PD 3/27/2008  

       Zerek & Patrice Baker, Expose the   Secret 

PD 3/27/2008  

    Theresa Forkins,  The Glory Pastor  2/28/2008         

   James Armstrong, Now what  2/28/2008    

More of our Guests.

        Van Crouch. The Store House

Mary Schuch &  Paquita Colon, Call to Salvation  

  Father Demitri Sala,  A Vision of Unity   

Rev. Marie Little,  Warfare Strategies  

Gerry Scarim, Rooted & Planted   

Mannie Mills, Radical Redemption  

Clem Delane,  Suitting up for battle 

 Ken Brown,  A call to revival    

Ashley Beyer & Annei Olheva, Young Women of Excellence 

 Debbie & Kirk Finley,  His Love came down        

We apologize if all of our guests are not listed.

​Colonel John Summerville
Minister Justice Carmon

Dr. Cheryl Armstrong

Dr. Eric Wallace

Cindy Erby

Joan Shankland

Evangelist Tony and Nancy Saavedra

Pastor Ava Smith
Nettie Radcliffe

Pastor Debbie Stackhouse

Yvonne Florczak

Edger & Holly Ballie

Rebecca Marcovitz

Margene Gonzalez

Robert Velez

Rick and Carrie Allegritti

Robert and Georganne Schweickert

Jennifer Busa

Jeff Lavitan

Isaiah 6:8

I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, here [am] I; send me. 

Romans 10:15

And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things! 

Acts 1:8

But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth. 

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